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9GAG is a fabulous Hong Kong-based online program and social media internet site, which allows its users to upload and show “user-generated content” or various other content from external public media websites. Since the platform for collections of Internet memes was launched on July 1, 2008, it has grown in popularity across the social mass media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In November 2017, it had 223.35 million visitors: 11.03% from Germany, 5.55% from the United States, 4.40% from France, 4.19% from Brazil and 3.99% from United Kingdom.

How to download 9gag video?

9gag videos are the main reason why most people visit the site. So far there has been no reliable video downloader for 9gag videos. So, you can now easily download 9gag videos with these quick steps below. 9Gag video downloader solves all the questions about free video download on the . Follow the steps to properly use our tool for your video download needs.

1. Copy / duplicate the video URL

Copy the video URL from the browser’s address bar to the clipboard, or right-click on the video recording and select it from the regular menu. Then “Copy URL”.

2. Paste the URL into the input box in Gabvideo.com and paste the link into the input field and click download button.

3. Select the desired quality and click the download button. 

Best Online 9GAG Video Downloader

9gag Video Downloader is a free online tool to download 9gag videos and GIFs. 9gag is one of the first content creation sites available online. With the rapid growth of writers and content creators, 9gag dominates the market. However, despite the great appeal of entertainment in the industry, 9gag has not yet offered offline access. Users and subscribers will not have offline access to their favorite 9 mega movies. Necessary, but not a solution. That’s why we made the best 9gag video downloader for you to quickly and easily download 9gag videos for offline use. This tool allows you to download videos from the 9gag platform and save them offline at any time for later viewing. With this 9gag download tool, no third party software integrations or add-ons are required. This means our tools are your one-stop shop for all your 9gag download needs. All you need is a 9gag download link for the video you want to download. Next you need to paste this link to mp4 changer with 9gag video.

Where are downloaded videos stored?

The default position is in the older “Download” of your computer’s operating system. Mac OS, House windows, and Linux constantly save files in the default folder. Popular browsers, such as for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, always use the default download folder if you don’t change browser settings.

Why is the 9gag video playing instead of saving it to the computer?

Sometimes it does happen. If you try to download a video on 9Gag and on the other hand open in a new tab and start playing, don’t worry. Merely right-click and choose the “Preserve As …” or “Save video As …” alternative from the menu. The download method will start at once.

Do you save / backup / save movies downloaded from 9Gag?

Not! We do not save or save any video which you have downloaded, all stored simply on 9Gag servers. By accessing this website link, you can download video immediately from the 9Gag server.

Are you tracking the links I used through your site to download videos?

Not! We usually do not track any links that you paste into the suggestions column and we respect the privacy of our users.

Is this 9Gag video download free?

Yes, You can use our free of charge online 9Gag video downloader for an unlimited time. We do not fee any fees or ask for donations. Our 9Gag video download application is a good web-based application that is easy to use.

Which video top quality does this application support?

Most videos are in MP4 format and also SD, HD, FullHD, 2K, 4K. The quality depends on the source of the uploaded record. If the author uploads it in 1080p, you can conserve 9gag clips of the same level of quality.

Supports The Most Popular Sources

You can check regularly updated supported sources list.