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Break Video Downloader is an entertainment and humor internet site founded in 1998 that features comedy videos, flash game titles, and pictures among other information. The website's target audience is men aged 18-35.

After shutting down on November 6, 2018 when Defy Mass media announced that it was ceasing operations, the site reopened several months afterwards in April 2019 under latest ownership.

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About was founded in 1998 as, a humor website featuring comedy videos, flash games, and other materials. At one time, visitors were able to rank site information on a scale of 1 to 5, but Break replaced this have with a thumbs up or thumbs down system. Negative scores were not allowed on video clips - a "thumb down" basically counteracted the vote of a "thumb up". Users could also comment on just about all of the person entries. At the time of shutdown, all kinds of visitor feedback and remarks were removed. You can use this site as break video downloader.

In January 2006, introduced a new file hosting system for its users to share with you their files. Shared files can be promoted to the homepage to come to be featured. Users that web host original data files promoted to the homepage happen to be paid and the user relinquishes all rights to their material under contract.

In August 2006, and Showtime partnered to promote Weeds by encouraging users to upload original movies matching the designs of the express, with winners eligible for airing on the channel. Since then, advertising from various tv set shows and videos had appeared around the site, with similar video competitions occurring occasionally.

In March 2007, signed a deal with NBCU Digital Studios to develop a good streaming broadband series to stay featured on, tentatively titled Breakers. The show will involve attractive women finding different ways to break things. Breaker's advertising revenue will come from businesses paying to have their merchandise smashed on the show.'s young-male demographic is expected to attract the advertisers. Break video downloader CEO Keith Richman stated, "We have a male viewers that likes attractive females and demolition."

In April 2007, announced a handle Fear Factor and Big Brother producer Endemol USA to make a new show called Record Breakers. The show will centre around contestants attempting to break obscure world data. Endemol chose because of its ability to reach the young-man demographic. download video from break.Regarding to MediaWeek the show is likely to carry pre-roll video tutorial advertisements and banner ads.

As of July 2008, Break was one of the 300 most viewed sites on earth.

In July 2009, partnered up with G4's Web Soup because of their "This Week In FAIL" segment.

In February 2010, purchased the PC match mod hosting network, which was previously owned by Ziff Davis Media.

In March 2018, inexplicably disabled all comments, customer uploads and user web pages on their site, putting an end to any sort of user interaction or maybe participation. Before this, their Alexa position had already been in a steady decline, but this major modification of removing all remarks and discussions brought about a steeper decline during March/April in their page ranking, as can be seen on the Alexa ranks. how to download video from Many end users stopped visiting the website and they have dropped (as of September 2018) to 3414th most visited internet site in USA, losing a significant amount of their reputation since being ranked #248 in 2008.

The website is owned by TMFT Enterprises, LLC.

On November 6, 2018, parent company Defy Media announced that it was ceasing all operations.

By April 2019, was in fact under ownership of Vietnamese-based Yeah1 Network and was backside online.